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Solve urban road congestion, motorcycles can be a good medicine

Industry / 2020/6/1 17:55:01 / Views:187

In recent years, with the continuous growth of car ownership, road traffic congestion in big cities has become more and more serious. As a result, restrictions on traffic and lottery licenses in big cities have also become a cloud over auto manufacturers. The reason is not complicated. The government’s starting point is nothing more than two points: First, the road traffic is severely congested, and the total amount must be increased. Carry out control to limit the growth of car ownership, but the total car sales volume has not been greatly affected. Many private car owners have therefore purchased a second or even a third car to cope with the restrictions; second, car exhaust emissions seriously pollute the air If the weather is bad, the odd and even number restriction has also become a conventional weapon. We can't help but think about how similar the situation is to the extension of the city's motorcycle bans and restrictions, starting from Beijing and radiating to big cities. The various reasons why motorcycles were banned and restricted at the time seem to be untenable and can even be cited as a joke. For example, motorcycle exhaust pollution is serious, and the current national III emission standard for motorcycles can be said to be the most in the world. Strict emission standards. On an individual basis, motorcycle emissions are far lower than cars, and because of the prohibition and restriction of motorcycles, electric bicycles that flood cities are the real source of pollution. Although electric bicycles do not seem to emit pollution, the pollution of waste lead-acid batteries is very shocking. At the same time, these electric bicycles are basically in the five stateless states of no driving license, no license plate, no protective gear, no insurance, and no supervision, which brings huge pressure and challenges to urban road traffic safety and supervision.
Motorcycles have obvious advantages as a means of transportation. A European study showed that because motorcycles have the advantages of driving and parking less road resources, if 10% of motorcycles are used as a means of transportation, it will reduce traffic congestion by 40%; if 25% of traffic travel is through motorcycles By car, solving traffic congestion will no longer be a problem. So in view of China’s national conditions, on the premise of ensuring traffic safety, can we consider such a solution: conditionally release a certain number of motorcycles on the license plate and drive in the banned cities, these conditions can include: motorcycles must meet the latest The emission standards require that vehicles must purchase compulsory traffic insurance, and vehicles must be equipped with advanced safety components such as ABS; vehicle owners must hold a motorcycle driver’s license and receive safe driving training, and strictly wear helmets and other necessary safety protective gear during driving. This solution can not only effectively solve the problem of urban road congestion, but also gradually break the shackles of the prohibition and restriction on the development of the industry, so that the domestic high-end market can truly become active. In this way, the Chinese motorcycle market is truly complete, and it also laid a solid foundation for the motorcycle industry to upgrade and move towards high-end. Why not do it?

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