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Why haven’t motorcycles become the mainstream means of transportation in Chinese cities?

Industry / 2020/6/1 17:58:56 / Views:189

As a means of transportation, the main function of a motorcycle is to travel. A motorcycle is born for travel. This is its most basic function and one of its most widely used aspects. With the progress and development of society, the function of motorcycles as a means of transportation has been weakened, which is an inevitable trend. But looking at home and abroad, whether in developing or developed countries, motorcycles are still an important commuting tool in people's daily life, and its status and role should not be underestimated. On the other hand, in China, the automobile market is becoming more and more vigorous and the electric vehicle market is vigorous. Only motorcycles seem to have been unable to establish a foothold in Chinese cities and are in an awkward position of marginalization.
China's motorcycles can be the first choice for rural people to travel, can be a tool for leisure and entertainment, can be police motorcycles, can form a national guest fleet to participate in the military parade, but it is rejected by Chinese cities. Why can't motorcycles become the preferred commuting tool for the Chinese urban population?
I believe that the first answer many people think of must be "forbidden and restricted motorcycles." Of course, the "ban on motorcycles" does have a certain impact on the status of motorcycles in the city, but we can't just mention the problem of motorcycles and deduct all the crimes on the "ban on motorcycles." Whether the "forbidden and restricted motorcycles" has affected our understanding of motorcycles, or the deviation of the status of motorcycles in our hearts has contributed to the "forbidden and restricted motorcycles". This issue still requires us to think carefully.
Motorcycles cannot occupy the urban mainstream market. I think the root cause is that there is always a deviation in public perception of motorcycles. When it comes to motorcycles, people think of it as "disturbing people, breaking the rules, bombing the streets, dangerous, and migrant workers." Such stereotypes are deeply rooted in the hearts of most people in China. Although there is no hatred for motorcycles, they will never like. The large number of negative reports on motorcycles in the media continue to deepen this stereotype. Therefore, there are many problems in the development of motorcycles, whether it is the "ban on motorcycles" or the opening of the urban market, it is necessary to break this stereotype and rectify the name of motorcycles.
Regardless of the current "motorcycle prohibition and restriction" policy, as the number of private cars is increasing, motorcycles are better than cars in terms of cost and convenience. Motorcycles are cheaper than cars. Logically speaking, motorcycles can be parked wherever they can be parked, and parking fees are saved. Why do people just reluctant to choose motorcycles? This is a matter of cultural background. Chinese people have a good face and their comparability is particularly serious. When everyone is driving a car, even if the cost is high, the road is blocked, and there is nowhere to stop, I still choose a car because no one rides a motorcycle. In China, any external things can be linked to identity, status, and economic strength. This is due to the overall cultural environment and is difficult to change easily.
I have to admit that the rapid development of electric vehicles has also become an important emerging force against motorcycles. With its convenience and price advantage, it has quickly won the love of Chinese people and occupied an important market position. Whether in rural or urban areas, the motorcycle market has suffered varying degrees of impact.
It seems an indisputable fact that motorcycles withdraw from the urban mainstream market. This does not mean that the problem of "stereotype" does not need to be resolved. If the perception and stubborn "stereotype" of motorcycles in people's minds cannot be changed, these problems will also affect the development of motorcycle niche market and large row market in the future. Therefore, breaking the "stereotype" is still of great significance to the development of motorcycles.

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