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Congratulations to Wenzhou Gexin Sprocket Manufacturing Co., Ltd. "Enterprise Management System Improvement" project officially set sail!

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Wenzhou Gexin Lianlun Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990 and is currently one of the largest motorcycle sprocket manufacturers in China. The newly-built factory is located in the high-tech industrial park (Gexiang New District) of Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, the capital of China's auto and motorcycle parts. It covers an area of ​​more than 20 acres and has a building area of ​​33,000 square meters. It integrates office, production and staff living areas. , The working and living environment is extremely good.
The company has more than 200 employees and has more than 100 machining equipment such as CNC lathes, broaching machines, punching machines, and gear hobbing machines. The annual production capacity of motorcycle sprocket series products reaches more than 10 million sets. "People-oriented, scientific management; continuous improvement, customer satisfaction" is the company's consistent management and business philosophy. It has repeatedly won the "contract-honoring and trustworthy" unit, the city's advanced unit, the advanced taxation unit, and the city's key automobile and motorcycle It has passed the ISO quality management system certification, the Wenzhou safety production standardization machinery manufacturing enterprise certification, the standardized management system certification and the measurement inspection system certification. It has long-term cooperation with the Great Yangtze River Group, Xinduzhou Honda, Wuyang Honda, Jincheng Group, Qingqi Suzuki and other famous domestic motorcycle manufacturers have fixed-point supporting cooperation, and their products enjoy a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets.
Starting in 2018, the company took the opportunity of moving to a new factory area, focused on the construction of corporate culture, introduced some intermediate and senior talents, and established a management team with leadership and execution; focused on creating an information-based learning environment, creating harmony and unity The work atmosphere is established, and the backbone of high-quality, high-skilled employees is built, and corporate management is gradually becoming scientific, advanced and standardized.



At 10:00 am on May 5th, 2019, the launch meeting of the management consulting project "Enterprise Management System Improvement" was held in the conference room of Wenzhou Gexin Sprocket Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The chairman and general manager of Innovation Sprocket, together with all management personnel, Chen Guorong, chief architect of Wenzhou SEG Qidao Consulting, and Chen Zeyuan, senior consultant, and their team attended the meeting. The kick-off meeting was hosted by Wang Changdong of Wenzhou SEG Education.



The kick-off meeting officially begins



Innovative sprocket teacher Hu giving a speech



Chen Zeyuan, Senior Consultant of SEG Education, introduced the content of the project



Speech by Mr. Chen Guorong, Chief Architect of SEG Qidao



Chen Rui, General Manager of Innovation Sprocket, delivered a speech



Speech by the chairman of Innovation Sprocket



Mr. Chen Guorong, the chief architect of Wenzhou SEG Enlightenment Consulting, analyzed the changes in the industry and believes that management should adapt to changes. He also pointed out the advantages of the innovation sprocket: high-quality customer groups, good technology, and core cadres who are loyal to the company. We add "the advantage of management", and we will definitely be able to play the "system advantage"!
Mr. Chen not only briefly explained the work of the consulting teacher, but also put forward the following points on how the two parties should cooperate: build confidence and perseverance in attitude, jointly formulate plans, jointly set up teams, track project implementation, regularly organize training, and participate Training.



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