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Internal training -- Learn how to self-manage

Company / 2024/1/8 14:50:06 / Views:28
On November 23rd and 28th, 2023, we organized a two-day training session with Mrs. Zhangjing from Zhidu Academy to enhance the staff's knowledge, cognition, work attitude, and work values awareness. The training focused on Peter Drucker's book, “The Fifth Discipline.”
The "The Fifth Discipline" plays a central role in this training, which means that everyone should be their own manager, and then they can achieve success individually and as part of a team.

Mrs. Zhang began the training with the theme of "The Fifth Discipline," emphasizing contribution, effective decision-making, and leveraging people's strengths. Mrs. Zhang guided the participants to think and analyze case studies through group discussions, team competitions, and other interactive activities. This approach aimed to help them better understand and apply management methodology in practical situations.
During the two-day training, every participant maintained high spirits and intense concentration, listened carefully to the lectures, and actively participated in the learning and discussions. In the course feedback, everyone expressed that they had benefited greatly. In the final analysis, management is a practice. Its essence lies not in 'knowing' but in 'how to act'. We believe that capable individuals can apply their knowledge and acquire the skills to make sound decisions in their future endeavors. They can also learn to manage their time effectively and inspire the people and teams around them to make valuable contributions to the company.
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